Taking a walk on the wild side

Today was spent at a special media open day at Ballinderry Fish Hatchery, just outside Cookstown, which included informative visits to related projects in the area.

BFH is a non-profit taking community business owned by the Ballinderry River Enhancement Association (BREA). The project involves locals, from anglers to residents, who with the help of the WWF have established the RIPPLE project that is: Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example. Indeed acronyms were the order of the day! Read more of this post


Carleton Summer School 2-5 August

“I endeavour to paint Ireland sometimes as she was but always as she is, in order that she may see many of those debasing circumstances which prevent her from being what she ought to be.”

– William Carleton in the preface to his novel The Tithe Proctor

The above quote, casually gleaned from an excellent article on Trash Face suggests why William Carleton is considered both a pioneer and figure of controversy of Irish literature in equal measure.

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Results from the Mid Ulster Drama Festival

I was full of good intentions about covering the 43rd drama festival every night, but the reality of getting home, making dinner, firing it into me, getting changed and driving up to Carrickmore before 8pm and then not getting home ‘til after 11pm left little time.

Anyway Saturday night was a great one. The award ceremony followed the Corofin Dramatic Society’s performance of John Patrick Shanley’s ‘Doubt, A Parable’. The Clare players did a great job, with another excellent set. The standard of sets for an amateur festival was unreal this year. The subject of ‘Doubt’ was very timely given the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church, the play asks what happens when you suspect a case of clerical abuse, but have no way to prove it. Read more of this post

Opening night of 43rd Mid-Ulster Drama Festival

The 43rd Mid-Ulster Film Festival got underway in typical fashion last night in the festival’s traditional home, ‘The Patrician’, Carrickmore.

Opening night always has the same buzz around it, good crowd, people swamping reception after their tickets and general great atmosphere in the air. The festival got the major boost a few years back in the form of a refurbished Patrician Hall in Carrickmore. While it may struggle to rival some of the features of other new auditoriums around Tyrone, namely Omagh’s Strule Arts Centre, Strabane’s Alley Arts Theatre and Cookstown’s Burnavon, the re-branded ‘Patrician’ offers a substantial improvement for the loyal festival going audience.

Neither can the new theatres rival the heritage of Carrickmore’s annual festival.

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