Culture wars

Pic by Charlie McMenamin

‘Over 1,000 attended a Uniting Ireland conference in Derry’ will read the Sinn Fein press release after yesterday’s event in the Millennium Forum.

The conference (coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday), comes just days after the Sinn Fein led lobby for bringing the 2013 All Ireland Fleadh to Derry successfully won over the Comhaltas organisers (after much wrangling). The internal unease within the north/south split in Comhaltas in Derry and the reversal of the Ulster council’s initial decision, has somewhat tarnished the campaign to bring the Irish music festival into the six counties for the first time.

The stuttered process has provided oxygen for those unhappy with the UK City of Culture title and those opposed to Sinn Fein and the entire political process, including the Real IRA, who are most likely behind the bomb attacks on the City of Culture office (which brought plenty of negative coverage) and Derry City Council’s tourist HQ just last week.

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Tyrone GAA bible is online

An Interesting find I discovered among the remnants of Tyrone County Board’s old web site is the entire PDF of Joe Martin’s bible of Tyrone GAA.

First published in 1984, ‘The GAA in Tyrone: The Long Road to Glory’ has required some much-needed updates thanks to the success of Tyrone’s minor, under-21 and senior teams in the past decade. The particular digital edition hosted on the county board website takes the reader up to the glory of 2003, although I believe there is a more recent 2005 edition.

The book is essential for those in Tyrone serious about their GAA, chronicling the origins of Gaelic games in the O’Neill County from its infancy at the turn of the century, through each decade since.

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Carleton Summer School 2-5 August

“I endeavour to paint Ireland sometimes as she was but always as she is, in order that she may see many of those debasing circumstances which prevent her from being what she ought to be.”

– William Carleton in the preface to his novel The Tithe Proctor

The above quote, casually gleaned from an excellent article on Trash Face suggests why William Carleton is considered both a pioneer and figure of controversy of Irish literature in equal measure.

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