Who’s Aldous

Aldous Duke chose his given screen name in an alcohol inspired fit of ill-thought-out literary inspiration one night in Liverpool many moons ago and has been confusing friends and colleagues with it ever since. Rather like his confirmation name, he has eventually made peace with it.

By day he masquerades as a fledgling hack. By night he operates as a twitter addicted, west of the Bann residing, major chip-on-his-shoulder, half-assed blogger.

View my even more half-assed efforts over @ Slugger O’Toole


2 Responses to Who’s Aldous

  1. James says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Just want to pick your brains If you if you don’t mind. I recently did developed a website to track the tweets of Irish politicians – http://www.politweets.ie .. It generated a nice bit of interest during the election campaign and seems to have plateaued since. I have been asked by a few twitter followers to so something similar for the NI assembly elections in May. Just wondering what your take on it would be … Is twitter as big with NI politicains as it is down south where some of our guys tried to win seats using twitter alone!!


    PS. Delighted to see Tyrone get back on track. Mickey Harte’s one of the good guys, he deserves a break.

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