Taking a walk on the wild side

Today was spent at a special media open day at Ballinderry Fish Hatchery, just outside Cookstown, which included informative visits to related projects in the area.

BFH is a non-profit taking community business owned by the Ballinderry River Enhancement Association (BREA). The project involves locals, from anglers to residents, who with the help of the WWF have established the RIPPLE project that is: Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example. Indeed acronyms were the order of the day!The hatchery itself rears around 1.5 million native Ballinderry Dollaghan trout, river brown trout and salmon each year as well as carrying out breeding projects for endangered freshwater species such as the Freshwater Pearl Mussel and White-clawed Crayfish.

The hatchery is well worth checking out, as is the soon to be opened Cabin Wood Killymoon River walk, just on the edge of Cookstown and the Wellbrook Beetling Mill. All are located on the Ballinderry River, with some stunning scenes of wildlife.

I’ll be writing a feature up for the Tyrone Herald (probably for Monday’s edition), so I won’t go wax lyrical with waffle here just yet. In the meantime here are some photographs taken today.

About AldousDuke
Mid Tyrone journalist, not so freelance any more.

2 Responses to Taking a walk on the wild side

  1. Maeve says:

    Great photos Ryan – except for that bug!! 😉

  2. Lou says:

    Think I’ll have to take a visit here. Sometimes you overlook what’s on your doorstep. Not too sure about the creepy thing though.

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