Taking a walk on the wild side

Today was spent at a special media open day at Ballinderry Fish Hatchery, just outside Cookstown, which included informative visits to related projects in the area.

BFH is a non-profit taking community business owned by the Ballinderry River Enhancement Association (BREA). The project involves locals, from anglers to residents, who with the help of the WWF have established the RIPPLE project that is: Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example. Indeed acronyms were the order of the day! Read more of this post


Carleton Summer School 2-5 August

“I endeavour to paint Ireland sometimes as she was but always as she is, in order that she may see many of those debasing circumstances which prevent her from being what she ought to be.”

– William Carleton in the preface to his novel The Tithe Proctor

The above quote, casually gleaned from an excellent article on Trash Face suggests why William Carleton is considered both a pioneer and figure of controversy of Irish literature in equal measure.

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Onwards to the ‘Green Republic’

Ógra Shinn Féin’s summer ‘Greening the North’ campaign (or “annual display of lunacy” if you’re Tom Elliott) was announced to the world in the way all modern political activism should, with a blog post complete with photographic evidence.

For uninitiated, ‘greening’ involves painting Royal Mail postboxes a deeper shade of green, ‘An Post’ green to be precise (although some of those shades were a bit pale of you ask me!). “Dozens” of new green postboxes have joined the hundred or so already ‘greened’ around in previous campaigns around Tyrone and beyond say Ógra.

Of course for a young republican, painting post boxes green is great craic, it’s like vandalism with a purpose, with the general self-satisfactory glee that you’re working toward a united Ireland, one post box at a time.

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GP MLA’s two day week draws criticism

Assembly voting records published during the week surprised no one in West Tyrone when they revealed Dr Kieran Deeny lay joint bottom of the table with a lowly 23% attendance for votes in the chamber.

Of course this is nothing new and the independent Assembly member makes little apology when these stories surface, reiterating the fact that he opts to remain a practicing GP and focus mainly on health issues. He repeated again this week;

Because of the insecure nature of politics, I could not give up my GP job and I think people are aware of that. I’m committed to working two days a week and so sometimes that means I have to do constituency work on an a Monday or a Tuesday. Read more of this post

So long Section 44

The end of Section 44 in the PSNI’s armoury was treated to a typically mixed reception from either end of the political spectrum, ranging from something nearing relief in nationalist circles to regret from unionist representatives.

The controversial section of the Terrorism Act 2000 allowed police officers to enact stop and search powers on a mere hunch. However in January it was found to contravene Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to a private life by the European Court of the same acronym.

Perhaps nowhere will be as glad to see the back of Section 44 as Strabane. The Strabane Policing District has spent most of the last few years hovering around the top of the table of Section 44 hotspots across the North.

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Cardinal Sin

Bless me blogosphere for I have sinned. I have not been updating my blog. Well after a bit of a hiatus, it’s time to get the finger out…