Tea party?

West Tyrone MLA Allan Bresland was serving his constituents with the usual distinction last week.

The DUP veteran finally got a firm answer from the Assembly Commission over an issue that had been troubling him for some time. Obviously dismayed by weak tea bags being pilfered about Stormont, Bresland decided it was high time that the Assembly served his favourite brand of tea, a brand fit for HM forces.

Bresland had asked the commission in a written question if it would consider stocking Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes tea bags at Parliament buildings. But in an answer published in Friday’s answer booklet, the DUP man was knocked back by Sean Neeson of Alliance, who sits on the Assembly Commission.

The West Tyrone MLA was told his tea bags didn’t meet with the fair trade policy specified in the contract the Assembly has with Eurest, who tenders MLAs with all their discount grub on the hill.

Bresland was told that the Assembly Commission had contacted the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and they didn’t stock it either. They also contacted NAAFI who confirmed that:

“their break tea is neither fair-trade nor available outside the designated 80 Spar stores in the North West of England.”

Sorry Allan, looks likes you’ll have to leave the Tetley bag in just that bit longer.

About AldousDuke
Mid Tyrone journalist, not so freelance any more.

2 Responses to Tea party?

  1. Ivor Whitten says:

    You made me smile with that post, thanks

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