Sinn Fein keep the pedal down in West Tyrone but at what cost?

With Sinn Fein almost certainly set to reclaim the West Tyrone Westminster seat, most observers would have expected the largest nationalist party to have largely diverted resources to the tightly contested Fermanagh/South Tyrone seat.

It seems strange then that Sinn Fein would buy a 16 page promotional newspaper supplement for Thursday’s Ulster Herald, printed in Omagh and not repeat the process for its sister paper in Enniskillen, the Fermanagh Herald.

It’s a costly exercise for a constituency where Pat Doherty is 1/50 odds on to win, yet the foot seems firmly down on Sinn Fein’s West Tyrone campaign. The youth election broadcast for West Tyrone is another interesting and effective campaign tool which hasn’t been replicated for the marginal seat down the road.

I thought it would go without saying that the West Tyrone machine would have been deployed for such a crucial and geographically large constituency as FST.

I stand to be corrected, but it could be these small (but no less significant) factors that could be so costly to Sinn Fein on Friday.

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Mid Tyrone journalist, not so freelance any more.

4 Responses to Sinn Fein keep the pedal down in West Tyrone but at what cost?

  1. Phil Flanagan says:

    Sinn Féin in FST have ran a very good campaign based in engaging with people on the doorsteps. We had intended to publish our own paper similar to the West Tyrone one, which was excellent as usual by the way, but the local activist were confident that out time, energy and limited resources would be better applied trying to persuade people face to face of the benefits of voting for Michelle. A lot of our arguments need to be presented in person for maximum effect. We are confident that our technique has worked and we will return to published a newspaper once this election is over and hopefully we still have our MP!

  2. AldousDuke says:

    First off Phil, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    What I am suggesting is, would those who put together the West Tyrone paper not have found more it more beneficial to put the energy into a FST publication? I.e. use the West Tyrone machine for FST?

    Seems a lack of cohesion between the party in the two constituencies.

  3. alex says:

    Each constituency has it’s own finance to do with it what they will.
    West Tyrone chose to do a personal letter from Pat Doherty to every constituent asking for their vote aswell as the 16 page election supplement and sacrificed advertising in the weekly papers which is an expensive excercise, my understanding was the party got a good deal on the price for the supplement.

    It’s all about not taking the electorate for granted.

  4. AldousDuke says:

    Fair point Alex and I would say Sinn Fein deserve credit for not doing so for West Tyrone. However, I would have thought taking the lead from the successful ‘greening the west’ campaign, that Sinn Fein would pull out all the stops for Fermanagh/South Tyrone to keep the west green.

    Can anyone answer to want extent Sinn Fein have pulled in outside resources into FST?

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