New Tyrone jersey unveiled

Tyrone’s new jersey for 2010 has just been unveiled. The impetus for the redesign came after Pomeroy company Rocwell Water stepped down from its sponsorship deal with the Tyrone county board amidst rumours of financial pressure. Read more of this post


Vacating DUP councillor among first to enact new legislation

DUP councillor Clive McFarland has become one of the first councillors in Northern Ireland to enact new legislation introduced on April 1 for vacant council seats.

The amendment to section 11 of the Electoral Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1962, allows the party of which the vacating councillor was a member, to select a replacement for the seat without a council or electoral vote.

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The Deeny equation

Political anoraks might enjoy this formula on the West Tyrone vote:

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Keeping an eye on the media

A images from election night in Omagh.

Two Tribes

Bert Johnston, Allan Bresland (DUP) watch as the televised election results come through against the backdrop of the unfolding Fermanagh and South Tyrone drama beside Pat Doherty and Sean Begley (Sinn Fein).

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The count diary part 3: FST – Friday

By the next morning Sinn Fein were out in force. Adams, McGuinness, DeBruin and Ruane arrived in Omagh as the count reconvened a little later than the 11am indicated the night before.

This recount would be slow and methodical to guarantee a precise result and it would be three long hours before the result would be known.

The intervening hours were spent trying to extract nuggets of information from those who had access to the count down below. There was little information from anyone, but eventually rumours of 36 disputed ballot papers started to emerge.

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The count diary part 2: FST – Thursday night

With the business of West Tyrone done, the attention now turned to the main event, so to speak and the main reason the majority of the press pack were in Omagh – Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

The shock result from East Belfast had set a disbelieving tone in the hot leisure centre canteen and if anything, that result served to inspire Gildernew’s team that they could upset the odds, as the count staff began to break open the 96 ballot boxes from FST.

Fearghal McKinney’s entrance shortly after 1am to a few camera flashes was perhaps the most attention the new SDLP candidate would receive that night. As the whispers began to filter into the canteen from the count below, they suggested that the only certainty at that stage was that McKinney’s vote had been decimated. McKinney would increasingly become a bit part player on the fringes of the main event as the hours passed, overcast and irrelevant.

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Post-result speeches from Fermanagh & South Tyrone

You can listen to the speeches given by Michelle Gildernew, Rodney Connor and Fearghal McKinney on the podium from Omagh on Friday after the announcement of the Fermanagh and South Tyrone result.

The files don’t seem to be buffering well so i’ve also included an mp3 hyperlink option to listen through the browser using quicktime or simply to download.

Michelle Gildernew’s Speech

Rodney Connor concedes the election reluctantly

Fearghal McKinney speaks after his resounding defeat in FST

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