Sixth late additon to the West Tyrone race

Ciaran McClean has become a sixth late addition to the West Tyrone general election race after submitting nomination papers today.

The 43-year-old Beragh native will stand as an independent candidate campaigning against the proliferation of quarries in the area. The mental health worker has been involved in campaigns to stop quarrying in the Altamuskin, Cavanacaw and Mullaslin areas around mid Tyrone.

The late runner stood in the 1996 election for the Northern Ireland Forum in Upper Bann under the now defunct Democratic Left banner. McClean and Democratic Left party colleague Martin Cullen between them only managed a paltry 36 votes, equivalent to 0.1% of the Upper Bann electorate.

Democratic Left was active between 1992 and 1999 in Ireland. Born out of a split in the Workers’ Party, the party merged itself with the Irish Labour Party after only seven years of existence in 1999.

Ciaran’s father Paddy Joe McClean, a well-known community figure from the Beragh area also ran for Westminster in 1987. In that year PJ McClean ran for the Workers’ Party banner in the Mid Ulster constituency.

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Mid Tyrone journalist, not so freelance any more.

One Response to Sixth late additon to the West Tyrone race

  1. alex says:

    Must be something in the water around there, deeney now mc clean. What a waste of money.

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