Holylands disturbances played down

With the media who did descend on Belfast’s Holyland’s for St Patrick’s day leaving seemingly disappointed by early evening, most seemed to have missed the main action late on in Palestine Street.

Looking for trouble

BBC’s coverage of the story is largely confined to the PSNI’s statement today. Focusing on arrest statistics, the story all but manages to slip in at the bottom the official police line.

“In one incident in Palestine Street, officers were aware of very loud music being played.”

UTV on the other hand went down the ‘morning after’ approach, interviewing Raymond Farley from the Holylands Resident Group who was “outraged” by the police response on Palestine Street to street drinkers.

Only student newspaper The Gown covered anything of note in its story, namely the “street rave” on Palestine Street.

“Police officers then took the decision to run at the crowd, and this was successful in moving the revellers from the concentrated area, despite a defiant reprise of the Irish national anthem played on an electric guitar.Shortly after the mob was dispersed, The Gown watched as police officers put an amplifier and guitar into the back of a police van. At this stage there was no music playing on Palestine Street.”

The Gown also utilised the medium of Facebook to tell the story with an excellent assortment of photo coverage.

Elsewhere, SDLP new face Conall McDevitt was getting his medal position on the podium out of the way today tweeting:

SDLP was on the ground with the Holyland residents all day yesterday. McGimpsey came in ambulance for 10 min and SF reps were spotted in pub

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